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Precision-turned parts are manufactured through screw machining, which is what AAA Industries specialize in. We utilize cutting-edge, high-volume Model B Davenport multi spindle screw machine equipment supported by high-performance CAD Modeling NX Software. We meticulously engineer each part and component we work on to deliver quality outcomes that will improve your bottom line. We pride ourselves in producing parts that are cost competitive with CNC machined parts.

At AAA Industries, all of our designs are for the tooling and machine components that assist in the manufacturing of the part. We are a build to print company, so the customer gives us the master part print and we model or copy that part and then use it in our CAD NX software to design all of the tooling and machine parts to machine it.

What is a Screw Machine?

Screw machines are specialized metalworking lathes that can rapidly manufacture precision-turned parts, such as specialty fasteners. It’s commonly used to mass-produce critical components with tight tolerances and high precision specifications. As a result, it’s a crucial tool in the manufacturing industry. The multi-spindles (5) are what make the machines high output. So 5 spindles are working simultaneously

We employ a screw machine, which helps guide the machine’s movements to deliver consistent and accurate production. It achieves durable outcomes monitored by quality control measurements as the screw machines make the parts. Machine movements are guided by hardened metal mechanical cams that ensure excellent repeatability and long process life without failures.

Functions of a Screw Machine

Manufacturing companies opt for a screw machine due to its desirable features that shorten the production process without compromising the product’s quality. Its main functions include:

  • Mechanical automation: Screw machines can efficiently repeat a procedure quickly and accurately after setting it up to fabricate a specific part.
  • Process Automation: Metal removal processes are set up mechanically with the use of precision hardened cams and levers to ensure repeatable results.

Examples of Screw Machine Products

Screw machined products are essential in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and military. At AAA Industries, we operate a multi spindle screw machine to accomplish screw machine precision-turned parts with complex designs and tight tolerances, which is required in demanding applications.

Common products produced by a screw machine:

  • Appliance parts
  • Tiny medical devices and instruments
  • Electronic components
  • Aerospace fasteners
  • Laboratory tools
  • Custom and specialty fasteners
  • Automotive parts and components
  • Screws, bolts, fittings, and spacers

Regardless of your project’s requirements, our screw machine shop is fully capable of handling the job. Our expert team of operators can design and develop parts made from a broad range of materials, such as brass and steel, depending on your project’s applications.

Benefits of Screw Machines

Our screw machines can manufacture parts without errors, thanks to advanced technology. Our process provides a lower-cost oriented alternative to traditional CNC machined parts. There are also several additional benefits, including:

  • Fabricate more complex designs
  • Multiple machining operations working simultaneously
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smoother surface finishes
  • Streamlined production process

Although setting up a multi spindle screw machine can be laborious and takes time, the results are worth it. It has a wide range of capabilities, such as being able to accomplish precision parts immediately, allowing us to meet your tight deadlines.

Choose AAA Industries for Superior Quality Output

At AAA Industries, we understand the unique needs of our clients. Therefore, we offer customized services paired with our engineering capabilities to deliver parts that will surpass expectations. As experts in screw machining, you can trust us to provide solutions that will improve your bottom line.

Ready to start your project today? Contact us and speak to one of our experts about our cost effective machined parts. Request a quote, and we’ll find a cost-effective solution that meets your production specifications.