AAA Industries specializes in precision-turned components for diverse industrial applications. We can produce precision-turned fasteners, such as industrial standard inserts for stringent sectors, ensuring that your product specifications and requirements are met. Regardless of the insert’s complexity, we can achieve consistent quality results that will drive success to your unique projects.

What are Inserts?

Metal Inserts are fasteners that serve as anchorage points or attachments for different materials by providing a surface inside holes for fastening or joining components. These components can be as small as a screw or larger, like handles or bolts. Due to its numerous uses, inserts are typically made of high-grade materials to improve the integrity of the fastener, ensuring that it can withstand different stress levels and environmental conditions.

Most metal inserts are designed to support two components by adding a strong and rigid connection, making them useful in heavy-duty applications. Threaded fasteners are perfect examples since one of their primary functions is to reinforce or repair existing threads while enhancing their connection due to their firm grips.

Types of Metal Inserts Available at AAA Industries

Inserts are vital to countless industries, such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, and medical. Different metal inserts have various characteristics and features, making them an ideal option for a particular application.

Different types of metal inserts:

  • Threaded inserts: Also known as threaded bushings or sleeve inserts, threaded inserts are a type of metal cylinder with internal or external threads inserted through a material to create a hole for fastening purposes.
  • Pressed-in inserts: Designed to be pressed into a straight hole of a softer plastic product without prior melting, pressed-in is a type of specialty threaded insert for plastic materials.
  • Knurled inserts: Knurled inserts are used in conjunction with other fastener types, such as bolts and screws.

What are the Benefits of Metal Inserts

Besides its importance in terms of joining and securing materials, inserts offer many other benefits, which include the following:

  • Quick installation: Inserts provide immediate and quick installation without requiring specialized tools or equipment.
  • Product cost advantage: Instead of cutting threads into a product, utilizing inserts can be cost-productive in the long run because it saves time in the production process.
  • Enhanced fastener strength: The durability of inserts makes it suitable for more rigorous projects.
  • Wide range of sizes and materials: Metal inserts are available in varied dimensions and materials since these can be customized depending on a project’s requirements.

Typical Applications of Metal Inserts

The various applications of metal inserts are substantial due to their irrefutable benefits. It works on different materials, making it the ultimate choice even for the most demanding projects. That said, some of the most typical use cases of inserts include:

  • Plastic products: Insert injection molding and overmolding are rapidly expanding manufacturing methods that incorporate any type of threaded insert for plastic parts. The inserts are placed inside the cavity before molten plastic injection. Afterward, the insert becomes a permanent part of the injection molded product, also known as molded inserts. Some examples of molded inserts include handles, latches, medical knobs, and wire plugs.
  • Furniture assembly and repair: Metal inserts are commonly used in furniture assembly and repair to reinforce materials such as wood and plastic.
  • Automotive industry: Automotive inserts are used for easier removal in areas that are always disassembled for upgrades or modifications.

Choose Leaders in Precision-Turned Components

AAA Industries can deliver optimal results to improve your bottom line by guaranteeing superior-quality metal inserts specially designed for your unique projects. You can trust our machining capabilities to adhere to your project’s needs, providing cost-effective inserts that meet your expectations.

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