AAA Industries is a reputable source of fasteners and similar components for numerous industrial applications. We manufacture products with precision machining operations under rigorous quality controls to ensure consistency and accuracy based on your project’s requirements. Regardless of how demanding your design specifications, our high quality fasteners will exceed your expectations.

What is a Fastener?

Mechanical fasteners are crucial in constructing everyday objects present in countless applications. The role of fasteners is substantial and varied, so we provide a wide range of fastener types, such as threaded fasteners, screw rivets, and hex nuts, to name a few. All of these fasteners have the same purpose: to hold objects together mechanically.

Most fasteners are not permanent, and these can be removed to separate pieces again without causing any damage such as hex nuts, ball studs, and various threaded fasteners. Other fasteners are permanent such as weld rings and rivets. The right fastener can hold two parts together up to varying degrees of stress or pressure without coming apart.

Therefore, a fastener type can be chosen to satisfy many different design criteria.

Types of Fasteners

As mentioned, fasteners come in different shapes and sizes; some have threads, while others don’t. Outside diameters can be round, hexagonal, and square shapes. And the types of materials vary also including Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminum material grades. These features make them useful for many different applications. That said, we manufacture many types of custom and standard fasteners to ensure your specific design requirements can be met.

Below are the most common fasteners we offer:

  • Rivets: Standard rivets are cylindrical shafts with a head and a tail for permanent holding. This fastener is used to permanently join two or more materials together by deforming and clinching the ends of the rivet. Riveting involves passing the shaft through aligned holes in a material and then deforming the other end to form a second head, thereby creating the permanent connection. Permanent rivets come in various types such as solid rivets, blind rivets, and pop rivets. Other rivets such as threaded rivets and rivet nuts allow for less permanent connections by the use of direct screws or bolts, deforming the other end to form a second head.
  • Inserts: Insert fasteners are designed to be inserted or pressed into material like plastics to create a secure fastening. These can include threaded inserts, insert nuts or molded inserts, which provide a durable threaded hole in a softer material again like plastic to enhance the strength and wear resistance of the fastening point. These fasteners are commonly used in situations where a direct screw or bolt may not be suitable due to the nature of the material or the need for a more robust connection. These fasteners are typically molded into plastic to allow for fastening to a permanent fixture. Over molding is also a common application for these types of fasteners.
  • Ball Studs: Mechanical components with a ball shaped head attached to a shaft. They are commonly used in Automotive and industrial applications for joints and temporary fasteners, and linkages, providing a point of rotation with a high range of motion.
  • Nuts and bolts: Nuts and bolts are standard fasteners that come in tandem to hold two components together. The bolt is inserted through the two pieces, and the nut secures it from the back. Most nuts you’ll find are hex nuts. Meanwhile, a rivet nut is an expanding nut that attaches for bolting purposes.
  • Screws: The most commonly used fasteners are screws due to its versatility. They’re available in different materials, with threaded shafts that give them strong holding power.
  • Weld Nuts: Weld nut and weld ring fasteners are specifically designed to be welded to another object. They have a flange or a base designed that provides a surface for welding. Typical process applications include spin welding or arc “spot” welding. Weld nuts create a threaded connection, enabling the attachment of bolts or screws. Weld rings provide a permanent connection to other metal surfaces. They are often preferred to nuts and bolts when a more permanent method of attachment is required.

Apart from the parts listed, we also specialize in custom and standard, “Build to Print” bushings, studs, standoffs and shims. We produce them using high efficiency Multi Spindle Screw machines equipped with high volume production capacity.

Applications of Fasteners

Almost all industries rely on fasteners, whether it’s for construction, automotive, aerospace, or electronics. For instance, automotive fasteners hold various vehicle components together such as plastic injection molded components, sheet metal body parts, and engine mount spacers.

More applications of fasteners:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration Systems
  • Machine assemblies
  • Woodworking and carpentry
  • Consumer electronics

We manufacture fasteners according to ISO 9001/IATF 16949 Certification Quality Standards. You can trust us to deliver products that meet international standards and quality while surpassing your expectations.

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